XT15 Models

Zebra Omnii XT15

Omnii™ XT15 is uniquely modular by design. It’s the latest product of Zebra's commitment to open innovation that combines a single, versatile computing platform with the freedom to adapt for any future change in use.

With the Omnii XT15, you can add new technologies quickly and easily — with minimal cost and no risk of obsolescence. So, you can simply configure it to meet any business need.

Modular performance: delivers the best possible product match for your current and future business needs

Real-world reliability: dual IP67 and IP65 ratings certify unique resistance to water, dust and spray.
Omnii XT15 also withstands multiple drops from 2m (66)

In-the-field flexibility: new upgrades, hardware plug-ins and software can be added on-the-go

Future-proof technology: one device can be redeployed and reconfigured for business change

Real-time productivity: automate key processes and improve task efficiencies with anywhere access to information

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