Zebra VC80/VC83

Zebra VC80 & VC8300 Vehicle Mount Computer

Material-handling vehicle operators need a device that can handle multiple tasks quickly and easily. Whether they are moving incoming shipments in a warehouse into inventory, moving containers on and off ships or trains, or moving baggage to and from departing and arriving planes, they need to achieve maximum throughput and accuracy. With the VC80 vehicle mounted computer, they will.

Full Windows support means the data that operators need to complete tasks faster and more accurately is always at their fingertips. The VC80's rugged design is also built to handle all-day vibrations, pounding and the toughest indoor and outdoor environments. Featuring a compact design and flexible mounting options, the VC80 will fit easily in any vehicles, including the most space-constrained forklifts, clamp trucks, yard mules and more. The VC80 provides real desktop power for vehicle operators.

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