Workabout Pro G2/G3/G4 long/short & G1 short single docking station

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Workabout Pro G2/G3/G4 long/short & G1 short single docking station
The Desktop Docking Stating supports all C and S and Q variants of Workabout Pro G2, G3 and G4 devices and all G1 short devices. It allows a Workabout Pro M/C to be charged while simultaneously providing USB Host and Client functions. The Host USB port allows peripherals such as a printer, a keyboard, or a mouse to be connected while the Client USB port allows connectivity of the Docking Station to a PC. An additional spare battery charge well is integrated into the Desktop Docking Station to ensure that your spare batteries remain fully charged and that your Workabout Pro remains ready to perform. Charging internal batteries of the terminal takes approximately 3-5 hours depending on the battery type (3300 mAh or 4400 mAh). The Desktop Docking Station is equipped with a single dual-coloured LED indicator to provide easy to read charge status. This docking station can consume up to 3A @ 120VAC or 1.5A @ 240VAC. It is supplied with AC adapter, lead and USB cable. Pleas note: an optional ethernet expansion module (WA4010-G1) converts docking station from USB to Ethernet.