PRO60-S 60mm thermal printer for WAP G2/G3

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PRO60-S 60mm thermal printer for WAP G2/G3

The Pro60S printer is a 60mm serial, fast thermal printer designed for direct attachment to the rear of the Workabout Pro (WAP) range of handheld computers. The printer is permanently attached and links serially to the WAP via a flexi cable directly attached to the internal 'scanner' port of the WAP. The flexi exits the rear of the WAP via a slightly modified backplate which maintains sealing integrity, and enters the printer via a modified and sealed slot in the underside of the printer. (Both the flexi and a new modified backplate are provided with the printer kit). A high power field replaceable battery can easily be removed from the unit using a standard coin. Charging of the battery takes place either directly using a standard Workabout Pro mains adapter or whilst mounted on the Workabout Pro and in the Workabout Pro cradle. PsionEx provide a range of cable adapters for different docking and charging scenarios. The Pro60S has a 58 mm wide print roll and uses the popular 'easyload' method of paper roll installation.

-Paper width and type 58mm Direct Thermal

-Paper load Easyload mechanism

-Power Custom rechargeable battery - field replaceable

-Communications Scanner Serial Port

-Battery recharging Approximately 2 to 3 hours

-Accessories Range of charging cables for different cradles.

-Range of leather cases.

-Dimensions 140 x 89 x 42 mm

-Weight 310g incl battery and paper roll