Zebra MC55A0 Rugged Wi-Fi Mobile Computer

Zebra Motorola MC55A0 Mobile Computers

Psionex provides new and refurbished Top Quality Motorola MC55A0 Series Mobile Computers


With the MC55A0 Series, managers and task workers who spend their days inside your company walls have everything they need to take instant action, anywhere in your facility — indoors and outside. When it comes to meeting the needs of your workforce, the MC55A0 excels, offering the right level of features, the right level of rugged design and support for the most demanding business applications. The result? Workers in retail, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare and government agencies can complete more tasks more accurately in less time, improving productivity and customer care. And with healthcare friendly colors, MC55A0-HC brings mobility to point-of-care applications, helping nurses and other caregivers eliminate errors at the patient bedside to improve the quality of care — and the patient experience.


Zebra MC55A0-P30SWRQA9WR, Win Mobile 6.5, Numeric, 2D Imager

Zebra MC55A0-P30SWQQA7WR, Win Mobile 6.5, Alphanum, 2D Imager

Zebra MC55A0-P20SWRQA9WR, Win Mobile 6.5, Numeric, 1D Laser

Zebra MC55A0-H70SWQQA9WR, Win Mobile 6.5, Qwerty, 2D Imager

Zebra MC55A0-P70SWQQA9WR, Win Mobile 6.5, Qwerty, 2D Imager

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